Sunday, August 9, 2009

TOO MUCH MOTHERING OR.................. LOVE

Hey,i heard a really disturbing story from a friend today and i just have to share it with you guys.i really find it hard to belive what lenght some mothers would go to in order to keep their sons close to them.
Okay,this is the story,
"Sandy has been dating Richie for over 6yrs,actually her first every other girl in a relationship,she had a very okay relationship with Richie's mother.Though Richie is from a divoced home with both parents living seperately,to eveyone they were the perfect couple,but their was a really big thing going on.Apperently,Richie's mother is very protective of him.........okay i'ld have to re-phrase that 'over protective'. i had a little problem with that but that aint the shocker.In the name of been close to her son,knowing his every movement,what he does(and he is a chronic womanizer,chases anything in skirt),makes his food even though he has his own apartment,and tells him how to control his relationship with Sandy.Sandy kept quiet until one day she got the shocker of her life.
She was in Richie's house when mama Richie came in,she greeted her and all.Mama ritchie walked into the room to see her son,Sandy went in like 4mins later to check on them,only to meet mama Richie in the bathroom talking to Richie while he was taking a bath(he was obviously naked).
Sandy,on seeing this walked out and left them there.mama Ritchie left and Sandy asked why mama Richie was in the bathroom while he was taking a shower, Richie said they were gisting,to round it up,she quarreled with him that it wasnt proper for a mother to do that.Richie told his mother what Sandy said and she called Sandy that her son cant marry her.Richie broke up with her."
Now,my oh my that is sick.Okay we know you love your son but he's a grown man let him go,nobody can take away your son from you but you cant marry your son.I know that men love their mothers to death but there has to be a line.i personally cant accept a man who's mother makes the decision for him and to look at it in another way,is it because there is no father in the picture and he got sucked up to mummy the whole time.There are many kids from broken homes who turned out just fine.
I dont know what to call this but it definately aint motherly love.If you are a man out there and you do this,STOP IT,ITS SICK.And any lady who finds herself in this situation as the Bible would say,FLEE!.
He's not gonna change if you marry him,it only gets worse,why enter a marraige with this kind of mother-in-law and live your whole life with your home in the control of another woman.If you are in this situation,pls leave.If you already married him hoping he would change,still leave.Am not in support of divorce but in this situation do it.You need a better life,tust me it aint funny having someone control your matrimonial home.To me this is worst than a man cheating on his woman.
Pls get a man that is man enough,not some mummy pet.