Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Okay this post is bou something on my mind and i just wanna fucking pour my mind out to someone and my blogsville peeps were the only ones i could think of, so here is wat happened.....

I planned on leaving for my house today and i hoped to spend a fucking alone time with MR B. Last night, normally from work he comes back home, take his dinner and then go see some friends and would be back by night fall.

In worst cases, on thursday or friday nights, he could go to the club with his boys and return at least 2am. Me being the good girl dat i am,i let him have his time with the boys as far he comes back home to me.

Last night as usual, he hung out with the boys, i was watching a movie when i looked at the time, twas 1.30am(i have insomnia, i dont sleep at night, i sleep during the day), continued with my movie, then 2am passed still no sign of MR B, 4am, no sign of him.i picked up my phone and called him, he has three lines, 2 of them were not reacheable, the 3rd one was ringing, no answer.

I started to panick,(stupid me,because of say i love man wey neva marry me oo, mscheew). 6am, no sign of him yet, i went downstairs thinking maybe he was in the office(there is a office in the house), no sign of him, checked all the other rooms, he wasnt there.i went back upstairs, and i called the gate house to confirm he wasnt home, gateman said "OGA NEVER COME".

Less than an hour later, he walks in, and i got to quote the convo word for word:

MR B: hey
ME: (i didnt answer, by then MADAME was ready to come out but i had to keep my cool)

He removes his cloth(the one he wore to work a day b4 oo) and climbs into the bed, then he started tounching me, see 4 my mind i said is this man joking with me....

ME: dont touch me
MRB : WHY? wats wrong
ME: u come home almost 7am and u dont sleep at home knowing fully well am leaving 2mrw and u leave me alone at home, where were u?
MR B: am sorry, i was at my friend's house when i checked d time and it was 12am, my friend told me to stay over dat twas too late to be going back home at this time, (he comes back home at 2am oo and he is now scared ofdriving home at 12am)
ME: and y didnt u pick my call when i was calling u
MR B: i left my phones in the office (I DIDNT BELIVE DAT CRAP BUT I DIDNT SAY SO)
ME: y didnt u call at least to say u were sleeping over at a friend's house
MR B: am sorry, it wont happen again, am sorry.

I said okay o, he slept for an hour or two and dressed up for work dat is after i changed my flight till 2mrw so i can spend time with him b4 i leave.But wats wrong now is dat okay i know u should trust ur man, but i just dont belive his story, and i want to let sleeping dogs lie but i just dont belive his story. do you think its weird?